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*or less. A weekly writing exercise by Jim Holland

Work has begun on my debut stand-up hour show. …No, really! It has!

Last time I posted about this, I said I was vowing to do a solo show in 2014. Not that I’m superstitious or anything but it seemed the best time. … Continue reading

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Review of Brighton: The Graphic Novel on comic book website

“I was transfixed by Seawater, from Jim Holland and Chris Hagan. A maritime epic of unrequited love, hard toil and the power of the sea. The artwork is quite frankly … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Andrew O’Neill: Heavy Metal – A History

Cross-dressing occult comedian Andrew O’Neill presented a whirlwind tour through the greatest ever music: Metal. Although obviously he doesn’t wear high heels to see Slayer, he said. No good for … Continue reading

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It’s Spring – get the pandas out!

Originally posted on Charity Chuckle:
Hello! What would you like on a Friday afternoon? A bit of Stewart Lee news? A bit of Nick Helm? A clip or two of…

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2013 in review / People love Dukan Bread

Excitingly, the wordpressers have sent through their automated review of this blog. The figures show that I had 300 more hits than last year. But that people are still mostly … Continue reading

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Cartoon County

On the Monday 28 October, the Brighton TGN writers and artists were invited to talk about the book at Cartoon County. This is a monthly get-together for writers and artists … Continue reading

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Comic Con and more Brighton TGN press

So on the *third* of October… (I am currently about three months behind on blogging about my life, but don’t worry there’s only a couple of interesting bits to catch … Continue reading

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The Argus covers Brighton: The Graphic Novel

The Argus covered Brighton: The Graphic Novel in their Saturday supplement on 23 November 2013: GET YOUR COPY OF BRIGHTON THE GRAPHIC NOVEL HERE

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Brighton: The Graphic Novel: The Animation

A fantastic little animation of the book made by people-I-don’t-know-but-who-I-am-sure-are-very-lovely. My bit is the smooching bit. *smooch!* GET YOUR COPY OF BRIGHTON THE GRAPHIC NOVEL HERE

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Brighton: The Graphic Novel: Press in Viva Brighton


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Brighton: The Graphic Novel – Press in Brighton and Hove Independant

This is the first bit of press we got, as far as I am aware: GET YOUR COPY OF BRIGHTON THE GRAPHIC NOVEL HERE

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Brighton – The Graphic Novel… Book launch!

Hello. I’ve been relatively busy with promoting the graphic novel (as well as the occasional gig) and thought I’d catch up with blogging some of it. Back on 2 October, … Continue reading

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Review: Alexei Sayle

Alexei Sayle’s return to stand-up ran the risk of… Oh. Er. What was it? “Diluting the legacy!” shouted his wife from the back of the cavernous packed-out Corn Exchange. Though … Continue reading

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Brighton: The Graphic Novel is published today

About two years ago I sent off a short story to Queenspark books, crossed my fingers and hoped I would be one of those picked to take part in the … Continue reading

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Seawater – original short story submission

Brighton: The Graphic Novel is due to be published by Queenspark Books tomorrow. Here is my original short story submission. The story is essentially the same. I think the big … Continue reading

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Steve Vai review

The Concorde 2 was rammed with fans who had come to worship the guitar god. But as well as demonstrating his stupendously, blisteringly, blitheringly-amazing guitar skillage, Steve Vai certainly knew … Continue reading

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From Analogue to Digital – Charity Chuckle moves to the Komedia!

Fantastic news from Charity Chuckle! A new venue, amazing acts and all part of the digital festival. Should be a bit more than your normal stand-up night with animations and … Continue reading

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Comedy Comeback, Gig Two: DOUBLE JEOPARDY

It was my second gig of my “comedy comeback” and I had decided to do ten minutes: double the new stuff, double the jeopardy! It would comprise five minutes of … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Shaolin Warriors

They punched! They kicked! They jumped about! The warriors, all dressed in orange robes, put on a spectacular tour-de-force of martial art mastery, from drunken-style to weaponry to hand-to-hand combat, … Continue reading

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I’m back!

I am back! Also: I have a hangover! Those things are not unconnected. I haven’t been gigging regularly since July last year. I’ve had two random gigs in that time, … Continue reading

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New set list on my hand

It’s only a couple of days until I re-enter the comedy world and, after a week-or-so of struggle, I now have a list of words written in biro on my … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Julian Clary – Position Vacant, Apply Within

Julian Clary – Position Vacant, Apply Within Julian Clary’s flamboyant entrance was taken with relish by the crowd at the Dome. In a red sequinned jacket, he performed the “homo … Continue reading

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Celebrity Support for Charity Chuckle – Brighton Festival 2013

Last Monday we put on our Brighton Festival edition of Charity Chuckle with Robin Ince at the Warren Theatre. In the run up to the event we had a lot … Continue reading

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More Solo Show Posters

Work on my debut stand-up show for Edinburgh 2014 continues! Well, I’ve made some more posters. This one was the most popular on Facebook. It’s me being Peter Kay. It’s … Continue reading

May 26, 2013 · 1 Comment

Work has begun on my debut stand-up hour show.

I haven’t written any material. Or gigged for months. But I’ve made a poster. I guess I am saying this as a sort of pledge or promise or whatever that … Continue reading

May 9, 2013 · 2 Comments

Mixmaster Jim’s Super Mega Mixtape

I’ve uploaded my first “mixtape” to mixcloud. Two “sides” of vaguely antagonistic music after a test ten-minute mix last week. I hope you enjoy it. It’s stupid. MIXMASTER JIMS SUPER … Continue reading

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2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog. http://jimhohoholland.wordpress.com/2012/annual-report/ Here’s an excerpt: The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was … Continue reading

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John Hegley – gig review

There were a variety of technical mishaps which plagued the first half of the show. The sound was loud, something fell from he ceiling, and the lights were lacking in … Continue reading

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Jim and Kerry present Sky News

Myself and Kerry got a call from Sky the other day. Apparently all their newsreaders had simultaneous instantaneous sore throat disease. So, obviously, they turned to us. And, obviously, we … Continue reading

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Lucy Porter interviewed about the 16 Days campaign and Charity Chuckle

Originally posted on Charity Chuckle:
Lucy Porter gave an interview to BBC Radio Sussex on Friday to talk about the 16 Days campaign against domestic violence. Lucy will be appearing…

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Zappa plays Zappa

Dweezil Zappa’s five piece band managed a faithful recreation of his father’s varied and complex music with members swapping from keyboards to brass instruments to vocals to create a far … Continue reading

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Inherited detritus

I have inherited a lot of rubbish on this train journey – disposable tea cups and wrappers and an empty bottle of “Hayat” mineral water. I wonder who left it … Continue reading

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Singin’ in the rain

I went to see my first musical this week. Not the first one I’ve written. The first one I’ve seen. I’ve not written a musical beyond those strange made up … Continue reading

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Are you decent?

I have been all over the national media today. Well, the US elections and President Obama may have snaffled a column inch here or there. But what everyone was really … Continue reading

November 7, 2012 · 1 Comment

Meta-blog 2: The cracks are appearing…

They say pride comes before a fall. So it seems with my blogging. Only a couple of days after I wrote about how well my month of daily blogging was … Continue reading

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The ukulele kid

Jake stood up, picking himself up off the pavement carefully. He hobbled forward clutching his ribs. A bruise was flourishing around his left eye and his lip was bloody, but … Continue reading

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Yeah! High five, guys! Come on, throw those hands up! Whoop! Yeah! It’s time to celebrate! Two weeks ago I decided to try a write a blog post every day … Continue reading

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Christmas coffee cup

On November the first Elizabeth’s boss told her she had to wear a Santa hat. “But it’s only just been Halloween and Bonfire Night is in a few days, yes?” … Continue reading

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We all salute Flavour Flav

I was a bit apprehensive about seeing Public Enemy. In fact, I’m a bit apprehensive about saying I was apprehensive in case my worry seems a little bit… I’m not … Continue reading

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The crowd goes wild

Bozza bangs the drum and stands screaming and five hundred thousand people scream back at him. Screams of joy. Screams of sheer delight. Screams of surprise at how much fun … Continue reading

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Mo’-metheus: How I’d fix Prometheus

A few people on the Internet may have tried to pick holes in the epic space adventure film, Prometheus. Which is terribly unkind and shortsighted. What these people have failed … Continue reading

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My first infographic

It took me only ten minutes to make this. You can tell, can’t you?! I am now going to try adding it to pintrest. Exciting!

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“Anti”-metheus: Why I hate Prometheus part two

I had no intention of watching Prometheus on DVD. Honestly. I know you are reading this and thinking, “I bet Jim secretly LOVES Prometheus. I bet he watches it ALL … Continue reading

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Charity Chuckle in November with Aisling Bea, 2012 winner of SYTYF

Originally posted on Charity Chuckle:
NEXT SHOW: Tues 13th November Doors 8pm, show 8.30pm A fabulous night of live comedy to benefit Fun In Action, a befriending support service for disadvantaged…

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“No”-metheus: Why I hate Prometheus part one

“Prometheus! Out now on DVD with an alternate ending AND an alternate beginning!” Great. All it needs now is an alternate middle. I saw Prometheus at the cinema. Remember all … Continue reading

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Are you bored? Is life boring? Yeah? Some people say “There’s no such thing as boredom, only boring people!” Ensuring that if you were bored, you are no longer bored, … Continue reading

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Clark Kent’s new blog

Good day to you Metropolis! My name is Super… er. Clark Kent. “Super Clark Kent” to my friends. Well, fans, I guess. My friends wouldn’t call me that… Anyway. Welcome … Continue reading

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Fear and loathing on the campaign trail ’72

I was saddened to hear about the death of George McGovern at the weekend. Although I am English, and I wasn’t even alive when he ran for the American presidency, … Continue reading

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A compacted discus: Kurt Cobain on top of a drum kit

The compact disc! Remember that? For those who were teenaged in the nineties, the advent of the compact disc seemed to herald the arrival of the future world. It was … Continue reading

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Tom Stade review

A little review for Latest 7: Tom Stade – Totally Rocks Stade by name, but not staid by nature – Tom strode around the stage, mentioning his wife’s unmentionables, whilst … Continue reading

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